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January 29, 2008
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Naruto lay asleep in bed. Not a care in the world; he had his Teddy-chan and his Sakura-chan… Yes life was good or at least that night. Bang, bang! “Hey Billboard Brow, Lemon Head; I know you’re in there; open up!” Sakura rolled over on to her back. “Ino…could you please get that?” she mumbled. Naruto let out a loud snore. “Hold up, that’s not Ino’s snore; this one’s too dainty…” Sakura sat up. “Holy crap; what have I done?” “That’s it; I’m coming in!” The door burst open.  Ino stood in the doorway  starring. “Billboard Brow, why the hell is Naruto holding the stuffed bear?” Sakura slid off the bed. “The better question would be; Why is Naruto in MY bed?” Sakura smirked. “Did you really think I was going to share mine?” she asked. Ino glared. “Well get him out of it before he drools  on all my pillows.” she demanded. Sakura giggled. “Too late for that.” Ino ran over too her bed and snatched her pillow from under Naruto’s head. Naruto (like always) fell on the floor. Thud! “Ow!” “That’s what you get for ruining my pillows! Eww; this ones has snot on it too! That‘s it!” Ino started pounding Naruto with her pillows. “OW, OW, OW, OW, OW, PLEASE STOP! I’LL NEVER DROOL AGAIN, DATTEBAYO!!!” “You need to learn a lesson Lemon Head; don’t EVER snot on MY pillows!!!”

Sai soon walked in; he could barley move and he was as red as a strawberry. Sakura looked up and saw him inching his way towards her. “Sai, what happened!” “Shhhh!” he gestured to Ino; who was still beating Naruto. “Ino and I played a game called “Prisoner and Warden” last night.” he whispered. Sakura cringed. “I’m sorry Sai; I should of warned you.” She put a hand on his shoulder. Sai bit his lip. “Please Sakura-san…remove your hand; I’m still very sore.” Sakura quickly snatched her hand away. “OH SAKURA-CHAAAAAAN!!! HELP ME!!!” Naruto cried from under a mount of pillows. Only one lone arm showed. Ino dropped the last pillow right on top and swiped her hands back and forth. “Hmm that will show you!” Sakura glanced over at the pillows. “Ino-pig; why did you do that?!” Sakura ran over and dug through the pile. Ino crossed her arms. “Hey, he had it coming, you know…” Sakura soon found Naruto, unconscious. “Ino if he’s not okay…I’m going to…” “Going to do what?” Ino asked. Sakura glared. “I don’t know yet…BUT it will be something really bad!” Sakura slapped Naruto’s face. “Naruto wake up. I said; WAKE UP!” Naruto opened his eyes to see Sakura starring at him. “Have I died and gone to Heaven; because I think I see an angel?” Sakura smiled. Ino snickered. “Better think of something now Billboard Brow; Something’s definitely wrong with him.” Naruto looked at Ino. “Oh God what is that monster; The Elephant Man’s even uglier twin brother?!” Sakura giggled. “He seems just fine to me Ino-pig in fact he seems to be doing even better.”  Ino’s face was as red as…well as red as Sai was at the time. She started hyperventilating. Sakura leaned towards Naruto. “Naruto; If you want to live get up now, run and don’t look back.” she told him. Naruto slowly got to his feet. “Got it, see you later Sakura-chan. You too Swamp Pig.” Naruto  took off running with Ino following close behind. Sakura and Sai stood there in the room dumbfounded. “Sakura-san do you think that Naruto-kun will be okay?”  Sai asked. Sakura smiled. “Don’t worry; he’ll be fine, but, just in case I’ll put 911 on speed dial.”

Later that afternoon Naruto and Sakura sat on the side of the hotel pool. “Naruto, hold still!” “But Sakura-chaaaan, it hurts!” Sakura continued to wrap a long bandaged around  Naruto’s head. “Maybe next time you’ll think before you piss Ino off…who am I kidding; you never think!”  Naruto pouted. “That hurts Sakura-chan…” Sakura rolled her eyes. “Not as much as this.” Sakura poked Naruto’s bruise. “OW SAKURA-CHAAAN; don’t do THAT!” Sakura laughed. “Just be glad the ambulance got there when it did, or you may not be here.” Naruto rubbed his head. “Very funny, Sakura-chan.”

“Hey Naruto, Sakura!” A voice called. Naruto and Sakura turned around to see Kiba, Hinata and Shino. Sakura and Naruto stood up. Naruto slipped and fell into the pool. Splash! “Sakura-chan, a little help…please!” “Hi you guys.” Sakura greeted. Kiba walked up to her.  “We just wanted to give you an invitation to our bar party that’s at…well the bar.” he handed her an envelope. “Whoa a bar party. Will there be drinking involved?” she asked. Kiba smirked. “What do you think. Anyway I have to go hand out more invitations; its not like these too are going to do it. ” Kiba nodded towards the others. “SAKURA-CHAAAAAAN!!!”  Naruto whined. “Why don’t you walk on the water you damn fool!” she snapped.  “I’ve already fell in and I can’t get up!” “You may want to attend to that hot head over there before he makes that pool a hot tub.” Kiba suggested, “Later you two; hope to see you at the party!”

Later that night, to be exact six forty-seven; Naruto and Sakura along with a Sai they stole away from Ino (literary) walked through the hotel. “Thank you so much for getting me away from Ino.” Naruto snickered. “Don’t you mean: Ms. Beautiful?” Sai glared. “Well Naruto-kun has Sakura-san seen that half a pocky stick you call a penis, yet?”  Sakura went red. Naruto’s mouth dropped. “Sakura-chan, please remind me why we saved this asshole from your psychopath  friend.” “Because he’s our friend, our teammate and we don’t want him to get hurt.” she said. Naruto scoffed. “Humph! Who said we didn’t want him to get hurt.” Sakura frowned. “Naruto, even an idiot like you should have the common sense not to even leave your greatest enemy with Ino let alone Sai.” Naruto pouted. “Whatever; I still think we should have left him…Ow!” Out of nowhere a small object bopped Naruto on the head. Sakura picked it up. “Hmmm…what’s this; a scroll and it‘s addressed to me and…Naruto…!?” Naruto rubbed his head. “What does it say?” he asked.  Sakura opened it. The scroll read: “Dear Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno Congratulations on your soon to come baby!” Naruto and Sakura stared at the scroll then looked at each other. Sai grabbed the scroll. “So she has seen it; no wonder Sakura-san likes pocky!”

Naruto was very confused, more than usual. “W-What I don‘t get it.” he said. Sakura snatched the scroll back. “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me…” Naruto took the scroll. “Who and why would somebody send us something like this…was there more to last night than I remember, Sakura-chan?” Sakura looked at him slightly disturbed. “I’ll answer those three questions right now Uzumaki; Master, because she’s a drunken idiot right now and NO!” Naruto handed her back the scroll. “Well how are you sure she’s the one who did it?” Sakura opened the scroll. “Because she’s the only one person who would be crazy enough to suspect that we… And the fact that she signed her name on it is a helpful clue.” she pointed to Tsunade’s signature at the bottom of the scroll. Naruto rubbed his chin. “Hmmm…well that makes sense!”  Sakura twitched. “Idiot…just a big fat idiot…”

The three arrived at the party. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE was there or would be there. Music was blasting from a DJ. Sakura cover her ears. “Man the music is so loud!” she stated. “Whaaaaaaaaaaat!?” Naruto asked. “I SAID: THE MUSIC IS SO LOUD!” Naruto smirked. “OKAY SAKURA-CHAN BUT I DON’T THINK IT’S A GOOD IDEA TO MAKE OUT HERE!!!” Sakura grimaced. She walked over to the bar and sat down. Naruto and Sai followed. They group was soon spotted by Kiba. “Hey! Glad you guys made it!” He said. Naruto grinned. “We are too!”  Kiba patted Naruto on the back. “Well order a few drinks and let loose! Catch you guys later!”

Suddenly Rock Lee popped up behind  them. “Hi Sakura-san, Naruto, Sai!” Naruto and Sakura froze. ‘Oh crap!’ Sakura and Naruto turned around. “Heeeeeeeeeey Fuzzy-Brows!” Naruto greeted. Rock Lee flashed them a “flawless” smile. “I’m glad you guys made it; especially you, Sakura-san! You guys will get to see my new and improved dance moves. They now have more youthfulness!”  Naruto and Sakura both turned white. Just then the DJ put on a hip hop song: “I’ma country boy from Tappahannock, VA is where I reside so shortie understand it…” Rock Lee‘s face lit up. “This is one of my favorite songs! I shall show you all my new dances now!” Lee ran off to the dance floor. Naruto quickly turned to the bar. “Bartender! Give me twenty-four shots of sake…oh screw it; give me twenty-four bottles!” Sakura hit him on the head. “Idiot are you crazy!” Naruto rubbed his head. “Yes Sakura-chan; crazy for the will to live! This is the only way to survive the night; to be stone cold drunk!”  ‘He does make a good point…’ she thought.  The bartender handed Naruto two super sized bottles sake. “Here I gave you the extra strong kind. If what you guys are trying to escape is that green nightmare dancing machine, then you’ll need it. Because of him this bar is almost dry and every person here is at least 75% drunk!”  the bartender said. Naruto shook the hand of the bartender. “Thank you…Nina!” Naruto opened one of the bottles  and handed the other to Sakura. “What about Sai!?” she asked. Naruto shook his head. “Don’t worry about him; he’s so emotionally dead this won’t faze him!”

Two hours later both Naruto and Sakura had finished their original bottles and then some; they both (And everyone else except Sai) were just plain drunk. Out of the blue Sasuke and Karin walked in. “Karin, are you sure you sensed Itachi in here?” Sasuke asked. “Of course Sasuke, but he probably left by now. Anyway since we’re here why don’t we get a drink?” while they were walking over to the bar they ran into Sakura. “Sakura!” Sasuke announced. Sakura looked up at him. “Oh…Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sas-gay…wassup!!!” Karin stepped between the two. “Sasuke, who‘s this skank?!” she asked. Sakura glared. “Hey don’t call me a skank, whore!” Karin got op in Sakura’s face. “Oh well don’t call me a whore, bitch!” Sakura pushed Karin. “Do you want a piece of me!” she screamed. Karin pushed her back then Sakura pulled Karin’s hair. Soon a fight broke out between the two. Sasuke had lost all interest in the fight as soon as Karin asked who Sakura was. He was now over at the bar, where he found Naruto. “Eh yo Sasuke!” he said as he put his arm around Sasuke. “Dude do you know how lond me and Sakura-chan have been looking for you? It’s been like forever!” “Um is anyone going to try and stop that fight!?” Nina asked. Naruto turned to her. “Why would we?! Two chicks fighting is so hot!” Nina shook her head. “I should have never given him the extra strong…” She jumped over the bar to try to stop the cat fight herself. “Hellz yeah! Now there’s three of them!”

The fight between Sakura and Karin carried on all the way over to the bar where Naruto was  torturing Sasuke with meaningless blabber. Sakura punched Karin so lightly that she  only fell into the bar right next to Naruto. “…so as I was saying Sasuke you should really get with that Karin chick cause like you lost all your other fan girls!” Sasuke quickly got up and grabbed Karin by the arm. “Come on Karin we’re leaving now!” “But I having finished kicking that chicks but.” Sasuke glared. “That doesn’t matter; I need to figure out how to get my fan girls back!”

Naruto walked up to Sakura. “Hey Sakura-chan,” “Yeah Naruto?” Naruto smirked. “Do you want to make that scroll we got accurate?”  Sakura shrugged. “Eh Master doesn’t like to be wrong.”

They both walked into the bathroom of the club; what they found horrified them. Sakura’s eyes bulge out of their sockets. “Ahh!!! Master!!!” Naruto felt like he wanted to vommit in fact... “Ero-sennin!!! Oh crap!!!” Naruto ran into one of the stalls. Here they stood Tsunade and Jariaya stalk naked doing things that I really shouldn’t mention. This is when it was decided that it was time to go home and sober up.

Back at the girls hotel room lay Sakura, Naruto and Sai piled on one bed. After the pillow beating they wouldn’t dare touch the other one. Let’s just hope Naruto and Sakura don’t remember ANYTHING from the night before. And let’s pray Sai survives giving an explanation to Ino on where he was.

This ends my coverage on the Random Week vacation they had even though they have another half a week but I don‘t want to report on all the hot smex Naruto and Sakura WILL be having because sadly they WILL remember what happened it the bathroom. And really who wants to hear about Sai getting rape by Ino or what Tsunade the Perverted Hermit will be doing, that just not right. Until next time this is Nina the bartender over and out.


For the record I wrote this at six o'clock this morning without having any sleep so yeah. Basically I for one wanted to know what happed to poor Sai. :XD: If you don't understand go here (if you dare) Random NaruSaku Ish

The "baby" idea was thought of by :iconbxv:

And bringing Sasuke into the mix was :iconchirumu: suggestion awhile ago and actually if it wasn't for her I wouldn't of done this.

I bet I spelled Ero-sennin's name wrong.

Naruto Sakura Sai Ino Tsunade Ero-sennin Kiba Rock Lee Shino Hinata Sasuke Karin © Masashi Kishimoto

me and story © ~Artistic-Ninja94
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